Polkadot is an older quarter horse type mare, late teens/early twenties, very well broke to ride and safe enough for anyone to learn on. She has much more whoa than go and is very laid back and easy to handle and deal with. She ia an easy keeper although would definately benefit from being on senior feed, and tends to be the boss mare or at least in the middle of the herd ranks. She has been used for riding lessons and is a good beginner horse. She has a good steady trot and does well on the trails too. Definately not inclined to get spooked or run off!

She is looking for her forever home where she cn inspire confidence in some young soul or some older person as well. She has a current coggins and is up to date on her wormings.


PolkaDot was sold as a Christmas gift to some nice young kids! Hope they have lots of fun riding her!!

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