Here is a little information for you about how to halter train your young foal. It has worked for me! For our little discussion here let us assume that your foal is around 1-2 months old and hasn’t been handled a whole lot. If you have about 3 panels then you are in luck! Make your panels into a triangle and convince your mare and foal that they need to be in the middle of the triangle. Since it is a very small area you will be able to safely from the outside place your halter on the foal. The foal will most likely not enjoy this process but at least you are not hurting him or causing danger to yourself.

Now that you have the halter on the foal, you will need two people, one to lead the mare and one to lead the foal. Make sure that your lead rope for the foal is cotton, not nylon, so that you don’t get a rope burn! (know this from experience!) Lead the mare out and lead the foal out. The foal might run out or not be too willing to walk on the lead rope but keep holding on. It works best if you can get the foal to walk right between you and the mare. If the foal doesn’t want to walk forward, do not just pull on the lead rope. That will not work. You must either get another rope and gently place this around his hindquarters, like a figure eight and encourage him to walk forward from the pressure on his behind. For larger foals you can pull the lead rope to the side, causing him to be unbalanced and have to take a step in order not to fall over. Then pull the lead rope the other way so you zig zag around the pen. Eventually the foal will get tired of walking crooked and will start to follow you in straight lines. It is really neat how this works.

Keep working on his halter breaking every day and eventually he will get to where he leads without problems.

Good Training!!