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Horseback Riding lessons in McKinney, TX

I am now offering horseback riding lessons in McKinney, Texas at Grisham Farms. I’m taking new students; beginners and intermediates for both private and semi-private lessons. I continue to also give horseback riding lessons at my farm, Cypress Lake Ranch, near Bonham, Texas.

Call or email me for information on times available and new price schedule.

Phone: 214 681-1306


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Welcome to Horse for Sale in Texas

If you’re looking for a horse for sale in Texas or if you’re interested in trading a horse or having our help selling yours, you have come to the right place.

Just a little about me. I have been in the horse world for over 20 years and actively in the business for almost that many! I have traded, bought and sold many horses over that time and enjoy doing it. I enjoy meeting new people and riding a new horse. All who know me can say that my world pretty much revolves around these beautiful creatures.

I decided to start this website in order to do what I already am doing even better as well as to hopefully provide a way to stay home with my son a bit more!

I would be happy to help you find your new best friend or to help you find a great home for the one you already have!

I also provide horseback riding lesson, consulting and other services!


Please call us at 214-681-1306 for more information on any of our horses or services!

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Choosing The Right Horse For You

0 Choosing The Right Horse For You Horses come in three main categories, hot blood, warm blood and cold blood. The color horses is varied and the genetics of the breed play a big role. Size of yourself and your horse should compliment each other and also your favorite horse activity.

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AQHA palomino 2 yr old filly – SOLD

Cally Coe is a registered AQHA golden palomino filly. She is 2 years old and is halter broke. She leads great and stands tied, loads good and is very sweet. She came from a ranch in Colorado and seems to have been somewhat neglected in her first years. She is small and will probably remain on the small side. She has an excellent pedigree with Dash for Cash right on her papers. She will make a great family horse, playday horse or a very pretty broodmare or pretty much anything you want! She would be a great 4-H project horse. You can look up her pedigree on We are asking $400 obo and her price is very negotiable. We would also trade for hay!

Contact me at 214 681-1306 so we can talk or email me at

3438cdf37392b4d AQHA palomino 2 yr old filly   SOLD

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Halter Training your young Foal

Here is a little information for you about how to halter train your young foal. It has worked for me! For our little discussion here let us assume that your foal is around 1-2 months old and hasn’t been handled a whole lot. If you have about 3 panels then you are in luck! Make your panels into a triangle and convince your mare and foal that they need to be in the middle of the triangle. Since it is a very small area you will be able to safely from the outside place your halter on the foal. The foal will most likely not enjoy this process but at least you are not hurting him or causing danger to yourself.

Now that you have the halter on the foal, you will need two people, one to lead the mare and one to lead the foal. Make sure that your lead rope for the foal is cotton, not nylon, so that you don’t get a rope burn! (know this from experience!) Lead the mare out and lead the foal out. The foal might run out or not be too willing to walk on the lead rope but keep holding on. It works best if you can get the foal to walk right between you and the mare. If the foal doesn’t want to walk forward, do not just pull on the lead rope. That will not work. You must either get another rope and gently place this around his hindquarters, like a figure eight and encourage him to walk forward from the pressure on his behind. For larger foals you can pull the lead rope to the side, causing him to be unbalanced and have to take a step in order not to fall over. Then pull the lead rope the other way so you zig zag around the pen. Eventually the foal will get tired of walking crooked and will start to follow you in straight lines. It is really neat how this works.

Keep working on his halter breaking every day and eventually he will get to where he leads without problems.

Good Training!!

8 yr old APHA mare, barrel racing prospect $1500 SOLD!

Lovely, leggy, tall, athletic, quick and catty, fun to ride, barrel racing prospect. What more can I say about this lovely mare that I call Lady. Her registered name is Real Blue Cowgirl and she has tons of potential. She has been hauled to playdays and trail rides and she is very responsive to bit and leg cues.

UPDATE: SOLD to Sarah.


Here is a short demo of Lady:



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Horse Related Services Available

Riding lessons for beginners, intermediate, special needs, kids and adults.

Private lessons – $25 per 45 min

Semi private lessons – $20 per hour


Consulting for first time horse buyers: I can go with you to help you purchase your first horse and offer all the advice and experience of 20 years of working with horses. Price is $15 per hour.


Pature boarding – includes hay but you provide the feed and whatever else you want the horse to have. Price is $100 per month


Halter breaking baby – $50


Training and tuneups – Price depending on what you need done with your horse.


Excercise riding your horse – $25 per hour plus mileage


Riding lessons at your house – $25 plus mileage


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Kid Friendly 18 year old Appaloosa mare – $1200 SOLD!!

Freckles is a very sweet, laid back older lady. She has been hauling kids around for quite a while and loves them. She is an easy keeper and doesn’t require much. She is currently being used in a riding lesson program.

UPDATE: SOLD to Stephanie and James!

Here is a video of my 4 year old riding Freckles.

 Kid Friendly 18 year old Appaloosa mare   $1200 SOLD!!

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